World Day Against Diet Obsession

World Day Against Diet Obsession, May 6, to remind us how essential it is to have a calmer approach to your body, to stay, or enter, in harmony with ourselves and with the world.

There is nothing, or very little, of "zen - philosophical" in the initiative, it is a strong appeal to all of us to promoteweight acceptance, ours and others, and to condemn anyone who dares to discriminate against those who are not at their ideal weight. And to take note that of the thousands of diets we hear, there are few that really work: if you want, they are the historical ones, including our Mediterranean. Among the fundamental ingredients, it never fails, loving and accepting each other. What doses? Q.B. And even beyond.

World Day against the obsession with diet and weight: 26th edition

The 26th edition is coming this year for the World Day Against Diet Obsession, a real “No Diet Day” to say no with conviction and in fact to all the obsessions with which we sit at the table today. It is not a stance against some diets in favor of others, this current is not in question over the other.

There World Day Against Diet Obsession he gets out of this type of controversy, he doesn't hold a knife and fork, even before sitting down in front of the plate he says "enoughbalance anxiety". For a day, the invitation is to indulge in some pleasure while eating. Thing? What is good for us, what we love, without guilt.

This edition is also celebrated in a world where we never stop talking about food and in Italy this happens in a particular way, being the country with one of the best gastronomic traditions in the world. This must not become an excuse to increase the media bombardment of all sorts of advice. The "no diet" day always has the goal of reminding us to live peacefully at our weight.

We do not abuse diets, first comes acceptance, and if the diet is necessary, let's follow it with the awareness of the goal and not with the anxiety of chasing a utopia like running up the escalators that go downhill.

One day, there World Day Against Diet Obsession, to clear the head of obsessions, can make us understand that you can live better at the table. It does not mean being unregulated, simply free from obsessions that make every food fatter.

World Day against the obsession with diet and weight: the origins

In 1992 she was founder of the Diet Breakers and formerly anorexic Mary Evans Young to design the World Day Against Diet Obsession. A double shock of fate arrived on the already sensitive background of Evans Young, given the past of suffering closely related to nutrition.

On the one hand, she was shocked by a television program in which women underwent surgery to reduce weight, on the other hand, shocked by the news of the suicide of a 15-year-old girl, desperate because they made fun of her being "fat".

The onset of the World Day Against Diet Obsession it was not with a bang, indeed, in 1992 the few "celebrants" had a simple picnic at Hyde Park, among other things interrupted by a storm that forced them to take refuge at the promoter's home.

Wet day lucky day, because already the year after World Day Against Diet Obsession it received the membership of the United States, Australia and Canada. The first time was on May 5, but the second, given the large participation, was immediately moved to May 6, to avoid overlapping with the celebrations for the 'cinco de Mayo‘.

World Day Against Dieting Obsession: Health First!

There World Day Against Diet Obsession it is not a kind of rebellious "liberation day", as a joke or a spirit of disobedience. To understand it, just hear the data released by the same National Center for Eating Disorders: 30% of girls between 10 and 14 have been on a diet despite having a normal weight. This means that the diet instead of curing or helping to treat or avoid, Health problems, it can even become the cause of a malaise. Physical, of course, and also psychological.

We remember the suicide that inspired the creator of World Day Against Diet Obsession. It is certainly not the first and only case of a person who did not bear the weight of the offenses and discrimination related to the weight. The victims are often the very young, but not only.

There World Day Against Diet Obsession, less dramatically speaking, it can also simply be the "no diet" time to reflect on what we are possibly following. In fact, today more than ever, there are proposals for extreme diets and food itineraries that will not lead us to anything good. Rather.

What all, the real experts, recommend as an essential premise of any diet, is a healthy lifestyle and avaried diet rich in fruit and vegetables. Junk food and laziness should be banned: a little exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke, as well as putting you in a good mood.

The healthiest diets recommended by the WHO

Since, even in the World Day Against Diet Obsession, we will most likely tend to think of our Mediterranean diet as the solution to all ills, perhaps the only one, I will treat it last by inviting everyone, on this disobedient day, to look beyond their own nose. Whatever conformation it has.

We leave for the Japan in this World Day Against Diet Obsession to discover that the high life expectancy of its inhabitants is largely explained by the diet they maintain. The combination of foods is a winner, let's play it in World Day Against Diet Obsession. It includes carbohydrates, fruit, fish and meat, resulting in a diet low in saturated fat and processed foods, rich in rice and vegetables instead.

Always staying away from our "Italietta", let's move toWest Africa, an area where countries like Mali or Sierra Leone can teach us tasty recipes based on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish and foods rich in fiber and omega 3. Each country, each people who live in the area would tell us their own version, with smoked fish rather than sweet potatoes or whatever. We for the World Day Against Diet Obsession let's just understand the guidelines of their diet and “steal” some recipes with which to break the monotony of the menu.

Also in the north of our continent, in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland or Iceland, they steer clear of the Mediterranean diet by following another one, rich in fiber and low in sugar. So just as healthy. Space for fruit, cheese, fish, root vegetables, colorful vegetables rich in beta-carotons and antioxidants with scientifically proven benefits.

Ever closer to home, a stop in France where the World Day Against Diet Obsession our neighbors enjoy cheese croissants in excellent health. Because? Because they do it with measure, and with pleasure, limiting themselves to the quantities recommended by the experts. And leaving the guilt out of the house.

After the Nordic, the Japanese, the French, the African, finally our Mediterranean. Perfect like the others to enjoy the World Day Against Diet Obsession without anxiety, indeed, with every bite, let us remember that our made in Italy dishes are known to be a panacea for the heart and a long life insurance. Especially if every year we remember the World Day Against Diet Obsession.

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