Northern lights: period

Northern Lights, a true spectacle of nature made of fluorescent lights, green but not only green, also yellow, blue and purple. They appear in the sky and one may suspect that it is something alien or the result of the light pollution that is advancing, especially near the metropolis. The Lapps, in their legends, they describe the Northern Lights as the appearance of "fires of the fox " that is, imagining light effects created by the tail of a large fox which, in the sky, enjoys hitting the snow, creating these colored bands.

There is also one scientific explanation for these colored lights. When large explosions and solar eruptions occur, the sun itself "shoots" numerous particles that encounter the Earth's magnetic field, interact with it, as soon as they come into contact with the upper layers of the atmosphere, and thus give life to the show.

Northern lights: period

From Lapland to Alaska, the Northern Lights can be seen especially in winter, in the arctic regions of our hemisphere. The recommended periods to spot this phenomenon are those between February and March and between September and October, or those that coincide with the equinoxes. L'the best time is from nine in the evening to one in the morning.

For each place where they are usually seen, there is a recommended period, for example in Iceland, better from September to mid-April, in Norway until the end of March, no further, going on Svalbard Islands. September to March is also a good time for Finland and Sweden by going to respectively Kakslauttanen Artic Resort or in the Abisko National Park. In Alaska it can be seen almost everywhere even in August, while to observe the Canadian Northern Lights, the whole winter season is recommended, preferably by going to near Mucho Lake Provincial Park.

Northern lights in Norway

The north of this country is one of the most favorable places to be able to see the auroras. We can reach a city in the north of Norway between the end of September and the end of March, period in which darkness reigns from six in the afternoon to one at night. By standing with your nose up, you can see them northern lights.

Northern lights in Iceland

In this land that is already magical for a thousand reasons, auroras can be seen all year round, although it is actually more difficult in summer because of the sky too clear. If we want to leave for Iceland to see the Northern Lights, the period from September to mid-April is better, keeping away from Reykjavik which is the most inhabited center. Inevitable, therefore, that it can hide the magical lights.

Northern lights in Italy

In Italy to see Northern Lights we have to look at them in photography or embark on a plane to the north. Towards Scandinavia, preferably Lapland, or even going to Scotland, nin the Shetland Islands and in Orkney, for example at Ronas Hill, at the highest point in Shetland, where the sun never sets in summer.

If we are on the other side ofAtlantic, on vacation or for life, we can comfortably go to Canada, or even to Alaska and in Greenland, less comfortably, but to appreciate a truly unforgettable show
In order not to make a mistake, once you get there, you can entrust to numerous agencies who organize excursions to see the show and who better know the best places and times from year to year.

Northern lights: forecast

The forecasts for the lovers of the Northern Lights, those who have not yet seen it better hurry to organize an ad hoc trip because this phenomenon will not completely disappear, but it will be increasingly difficult to spot in the coming years. For 2018, the northern Norway and Iceland and the countries of the northern oval.

Who studies what is hidden behind the Northern Lights, noted that the period of maximum solar activity occurred between 2014 and 2015, from that moment on it showed a decrease which translates into fewer opportunities to see thenorthern Lights.

Northern lights: photo

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