Green wedding? There is eco-wedding

Getting married 'green' (as well as 'broke' given the times), a zero impact, zero emission. It is possible with eco-wedding, the green idea dedicated to those who want to enter into a lasting pact not only with their partner, but also with the planet. Did you know that traditional marriage causes waste and huge emissions of greenhouse gases? Here then are the wedding in an ecological key with which up to 7 tons of CO₂ can be saved.

Eco-wedding it is a large container with a thousand suggestions for getting married 'in green' without sacrificing the charm of romantic atmospheres, enchanted locations, chic settings and decorations. Why theeco wedding it is glamorous and in step with the times. We start with the recycled wedding rings, made by melting old gold. Then dresses in natural fabric, obtained with non-polluting processes and tailor-made.

Of rigor for the green weddingthe use of recycled paper, in coconut fiber or in any case in biodegradable material, for equity investments. And of course wedding favors inspired by eco-bio principles: jams produced on the farm in the Umbrian countryside, cheeses and wines at zero km, oil from selected organic plantations, boxes decorated with seasonal natural elements or soy candles.

Even the honeymoon should be done based on the principles of ethical travel, but unfortunately almost everyone here transgresses, not wanting to give up the plane. Alternative tourism proposals are then suggested, to be spent in eco-lodge inspired by bioarchitecture and totally immersed in an uncontaminated landscape. Finally, the invitation to use a percentage of the gifts in an ecological project chosen by the bride and groom.

Find out more about eco-wedding you can drop by Green Christmas, the green market which will land in Milan in the days 14-15-16 December, at the suggestive industrial archeology site of Napoleonic Eugenia Foundry, in the heart of the old Isola district.

Video: Surat Eco-wedding Summary #ZealyBilly (October 2020).