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Eco-fashion fashion at Green Christmas

Bio accessories, for a conscious purchase from head to toe. Among the sustainable gifts at the eco-market in Green Christmas - in Milan, at the Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia in via Thaon di Revel 21, in the heart of the old Isola district, from 14 to 16 December - you can find everything you need to dress in an eco-friendly way without giving up on fashion.

Starting with the shoes, beautiful and good "naturally", but also cruelty free: to walk without violence and without feeling of guilt it is in fact advisable to choose footwear that does not use skins, leather, wool, silk or any other material that can cause unnecessary suffering to animals. Like the signed ones Walk Light with uppers made in microfiber, light, resistant, breathable, hypoallergenic with high biodegradability (if burned it does not produce toxic gases). The company produces by supporting local artisans and favoring an economy a short supply chain, to avoid unnecessary waste and energy waste.

From shoes to socks, always echoed of course, like those of LeCalzeNatura, in organic cotton is natural untreated sheep or alpaca wool. A completely Italian and artisanal production that keeps you warm and respects the skin, without dyes and other chemical agents. The range of colors is obtained through procedures based on plant elements that do not create problems of sweating and dermatitis. The sweaters instead can also be made with recycled wool: would you have ever thought that with old worn or felted garments you can get them unique pieces eco-friendly? Seeing is believing. Boiled wool is felt are the result of a long manual process and a zero emissions.

From patient manual work and imagination, there are also unique pieces by Maria Gloria Amendolito which creates bags, belts, hats and small pinafore dresses where the mix of laces, lace, felts, wools, buttons and trimmings translates into a whimsical patchwork work. Behind there is an entire world, that of Maminou, small universe of the Handmade where the eccentric, folk and ethnic come together in a triumph of craftsmanship.

Precious and poetic objects are those of By hand, a small reality in balance between art and craftsmanship that signs i Portable landscapes: a collection that starts from buttons, small fragments of a landscape often overlooked and suddenly found in the middle of a city, in the flight of a butterfly, in the tremor in the wind of a flower petal that has grown despite the concrete. They are food for thought, invitations to slow down. They continue with bags, stoles, earrings, hand-bound notebooks in straw paper with natural pigments obtained from dried fruits and vegetables.

Instead, the proposals of GarbageLab, a small design house based in the redeveloped area of ​​the old Falck steelworks in Sesto San Giovanni. It offers colorful and trendy eco-bags, wallets and i-pad holders, made by reusing the 1,500 square meters of PVC used for Milanese advertising billboards. The idea is to prevent tons of plastic from ending up in the already saturated city dumps by inventing beautiful, unique and unrepeatable objects.

A very special recycling is the one followed by Chiara De Filippis is Kiyoko Hosoda that create limited edition precious objects by reusing silver and gold. Chiara proposes work in the balance between classic and contemporary conceptual research through the use of techniques that are disappearing such as that of hammer forging. Kiyoko invents jewels marked by artisanal self-production and the search for innovative design in contrast with the stereotyped shapes that distinguish the sector: accessories made of silver using the maximum potential of a minimum of material and a lot of manual skills.

Among the art objects and jewels, in addition to gold and silver, glass is the protagonist with the works of Under glass of Maria Scarognina andGlass tree. An artisan fusion laboratory that offers shapes and colors sculpted in the transparency of glass, as well as objects in felt and terracotta. Research and creation, guided by the desire to build with their own hands: an emotion built with patience and passion.

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