Wind power

Biodegradable wind turbines

If anyone has ever complained about the age-old question of disposal of wind turbines, now he will have to take back every word. A team of researchers from the University of Massachusetts Lowel, in partnership with Qichita State University, has developed a new system capable of making wind turbines even more ecofriendly, to be precise, biodegradable.

The research was funded by the National Science Fondation (NSF) who spared no expense, the investment was about two million dollars and the results are more than interesting. L'wind energy is rapidly developing on a global scale, thanks to the NSF investment, the next generation plants will be greener: easier to manufacture and much simpler to dispose of.

The wind turbines traditional are made of materials that contain large amounts of glass fibers is epoxy resins - derived from petroleum -. These materials are difficult to dispose of so much so that some architects have decided to to recycle the structures of wind turbines with creative ideas, this is the case of the Wikado Playgraund playground. To solve the problem once and for all disposal of wind turbines, American scientists made it possible to replace current materials with bio-derivatives is ecological materials.

A wind blades composed by ecological materials, at the end of its life cycle it could be transformed into electricity by means of a gasification process or it could be transformed into filler for the constructions of green building. THE bio-derivatives used for the realization of wind turbines they would be equally resistant, they would in any case be thermosetting epoxy resins but not petroleum based but vegetable oil. Here's how Professor Christopher Niezrecki, researcher and member of the Wind Energy Research Group (WERG):

"Our efforts are instead focusing on thermosetting epoxy resins derived from vegetable oil, a non-toxic, sustainable and easily available raw material to minimize energy consumption and production costs".

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