In Rome, the Formula E Grand Prix

Via we have already talked about the Formula E, the car competition that sees the most powerful garaggeiare electric cars of the globe. The first championship dedicated exclusively to electric engines. What we have not told you is that the first Formula E Grand Prix will be held in Rome next 2014.

Yes, it will be the Italian capital that will host the first Formula E Grand Prix. The official presentation of the project was held a few days ago at the Capitol. It was Jean Todt, the former Ferrari director, who strongly desired this sporting event. Jan Todt, now president of the FIA, together with the CEO of Formula E holdings, Aleajandro Agag and the mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno, presented the Formula E Grand Prix revealing some mouthwatering details about electric cars that will take to the track.

The electric cars from Formula E they are able to go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in about 3 seconds, the speed reached is 220 km / h. The championship is open to any manufacturer but 40 prototypes will be made available in the first year electric cars made by McLaren.

The championship will see the participation of ten teams, the stables will have two drivers and four cars. There will be classics pit stop with the difference that there will be no classic tire changeā€¦ during the pitstop the entire car will be replaced! The electric cars racing, to get on the track with maximum lightness, have batteries that guarantee a duration of 20/25 minutes at maximum speed, which is why each team will have 4 cars. The prize up for grabs for the drivers will be 4 million euros, 400 thousand for each race, and 2 million for the winning team.

The track will be about 3 km long and the formula will be that ofplay off with two free practice sessions in the morning. The top 8 drivers will collide in atwo against two, for a total of seven short games that will last from 5 to 10 minutes three quarter-finals, semifinals and finals. It is during the final that a pit stop will be required to replace the car, the final will last one hour.

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