New hires in the Green sector

These are tough times, we are in full economic crisis and youth unemployment rates are skyrocketing. A breath of fresh air could come from the green economy, according to a recent report there are more than 55 thousand i jobs waiting to be filled. The recruitments we are talking about concern professional figures related to sustainability environmental. There green economy he looks for new workers, he wants them young and fresh, even without experience!

The data were disclosed during the in-depth study on the "Green Economy " of Unioncamera and Symbola Foundation. Of these 55 thousand new hires, approximately 51 thousand are non-seasonal. Not only green jobs, the green economy could pull with it other sectors: to the 55 thousand jobs must be added another 87 thousand hires that take into consideration professions that can be activated by the sectors of the green economy. Summing up we can speak of 142 thousand new hires, of which 108 thousand non-seasonal.

But what are the green professions most sought after?
The professional roles most popular are those of analysts, technicians and computer scientists. The focus is on software programming; there is no shortage of requests for energy-mechanical and industrial-management engineers.

Don't worry, you don't necessarily need to be an analyst or a programmer to work. A high demand concerns professional roles as plumbers, carpenters, electricians, carpenters, civil construction experts and technicians for the management of construction sites.

Which are the regions of Italy most interested in green economy?
There green economy the entire boot involved, including Mazzogiorno, Campania is an example of this, with green companies active in Naples. According to the report made public by Unioncamera and the Symbola Foundation, the regional primacy of the demand for professionals in the green sector belongs to Lombardy, followed by the Lazio region, Veneto and Piedmont.

More than 30 percent of the hires of green jobs they are aimed at young people under 30, even recent graduates, it seems that for some professional figures it is not necessary to have gained previous work experience. There green economy he wants fresh, new minds.

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