Bicycles made of wood

Why one wooden bike? To some it may sound strange but it is the wood the original material for the realization of the bike. Today the wood has been supplanted by materials such as steel, aluminum and carbon and so we return to the initial question: with all the materials available, why a wooden bike? For the driving experience! It looks like a wooden frame can guarantee the same sturdiness of steel and absorb all the blows of the wheel / road ground impact just like carbon fiber, thus giving a linear and quiet driving experience.

Wooden bike, SplinterBike
Exist bike made 100% with wood, without screws, bolts or metal skeletons. This is the case of SplinterBikeQuantum, presented in summer 2012. For its construction, the bike 100% wood it took 1,600 hours of design, prototyping, construction and testing. There bike in question consists of 88 wooden components. The particularity of the SplinterBike lies in the fact that they do not use metal joints but only wood and glue.


Wooden bike, Masterworks
It is about wooden bicycles by design "classic". They are hand made in order to guarantee an excellent speed ratio. The bike Masteworks can count on the most careful and precise craftsmanship. They are offered in a wide variety of wood species: walnut, maple, cherry ... Each component is hand carved with the most accurate care.

When you want buy a wooden bike you have to be ready to delapidate a small fortune, especially when you rely on craftsmanship. We always talk about "unique pieces". The performing and economical models cost about 1,500 dollars but also exceed 5,000 euros. Just think about the ash wood bike Axalko, weighing only 6.5 kg, is handmade, according to the customer's design and costs 4,200 euros. Cheaper solutions come from bamboo bicycles. In this direction, an excellent model is the Bambooclycle, costs around 600 euros, weighs less than 8 kilograms and guarantees excellent performance.


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