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In Milan a Green Christmas in the Foundry

Green Christmas is the title of the original sustainable market on the program from 14 to 16 December at the Napoleonic Eugenia Foundry, a suggestive industrial archeology site in the heart of the Isola district of Milan. A truly perfect location - the nineteenth-century factory - for a market dedicated to an all-round natural lifestyle.

TO Green Christmas you can browse among green-a-porter clothing, bio-ecological design objects and products bio-cosmetics. But also seize interesting cultural opportunities, with workshops and conferences on zero impact life.

Strolling among the stands in the Foundry, the place where the bells of San Marco in Venice were built and the central door of the Milan Cathedral, you can choose between eco-fashion proposals suitable for all budgets but always and strictly eco: clothes and accessories selected with the criterion of sustainability, and also for the standards of quality, style, creativity and attention to the production chain, with the reuse of recycled materials or enhancement of craft techniques.

We start on the 14th with a Aperitif in Hemp, tasting of products derived from cannabis seeds: a surprise ingredient, an eclectic fiber synonymous with well-being, a formidable ally for those who love a truly natural lifestyle.

Among other things not to be missed - in the coming days Ideegreen will try to tell you all - theeco-wedding by Samantha, a space dedicated to those who want to enter into a lasting pact not only with their partner but also with the planet. Did you know that marriage causes waste and huge greenhouse gas emissions and that wedding in an ecological key could save you up to 7 tons of CO₂?

Green Christmas - Napoleonic Eugenia Foundry, via Thaon di Revel 21, Milan. Friday 14 December (from 18.00 to 22.00), Saturday 15 (from 10.00 to 20.00), Sunday 16 (from 11.00 to 20.00) /

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