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Fresh bread for 60 days

Those who are more careful, to preserve its freshness and consume it the next day, put the bread in hermetically sealed bags. Not everyone uses these precautions so daily a large amount of bread ends up in the organic bucket. Research has identified the way to preserve the freshness of bread for a period of 60 days.

Innovation could change the habits of consumers who could limit themselves to shopping only once a month. Sure, many keep the bread in the freezer, even cut into slices, so as to eliminate any kind of waste, but those used to eat fresh bread every day, he does not think about waste, much less about CO2 emissions which it produces by driving to the supermarket every day. Apparently, it is easier to discover new technologies than to re-educate consumers to implement more practices sustainable so the MicroZap, a Texan company, has designed a microwave capable of eliminating all the spores responsible for the onset of mold and the degradation process of bread. In short, with these particular microwaves, the breadkeeps you young"For 60 days.

"We microwaved a slice of freshly baked bread, when we checked it, after 60 days, the slice of bread had the same spore levels as when it was baked" This is how Don Stull, CEO of the Texan company, explains the innovation. So the shelf life bread will no longer last a day but will go up to two months.

After the first tests, the company noticed that it could apply the same principle to other foods such as turkey, peppers and fresh fruit. Food undergoes a uniform process of "bombardment" of waves at specific frequencies. The difference between this and a traditional microwave oven lies precisely in the uniformity. Unfortunately the microwave oven MicroZap will not enter consumers' homes soon, the device is the size of a small car! The food industries could take advantage of the MicroZap microwave in order to minimize waste and offer products with a shelf life higher, we'll see the implications.

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