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Industrial farming with geothermal system

We know that the key toenergy efficiency lies in the optimized management of HVAC systems. If we think about the heating and cooling of rooms, the radiator in the house or the air conditioning in the office immediately comes to mind. farms. In winter, even the industrial farms they need to heat the rooms, the aim is to keep animals warm to provide them with the best conditions for food production.

This means that a industrial farming pollutes for:
the cultivation of feed with the use of pesticides and fertilizers
the direct use of pesticides on livestock
emissions related to livestock
the high water consumption
waste production
emissions related to the electrical satisfaction of plants: lighting, machinery, hvac

These points are not tragic only for theenvironment but also for the farmers' pockets. To protect the environment, the consumer can ingest less meat, while farmers can apply various strategies so as to safeguard the business budget. If you really can't do without feed, as far as HVAC systems are concerned, the solution comes from a prototype of geothermal system.

L'University of Missouri may have developed a solution by which the breeders they might save huge amounts of money. The University of Missouri is already testing the first prototype of geothermal system for livestock farms and according to initial estimates, the plant will be able to halve heating costs. Currently two plant units are already operational and a third unit will be installed for next winter.

In a breeding the temperature is important, there are specific temperatures for the growth or reproduction of livestock and for the company, maintaining those specific temperatures means supporting high costs. The subsoil temperature is constant between 13 and 26 degrees Celsius, the system consists of a series of pipes that will provide for the heating and cooling of the farms. L'geothermal energymoreover, it does not depend on the wind or the sun, it is constant and does not produce greenhouse gases.

Video: Benefits of Geothermal Heating and Cooling (October 2020).