Guide to choosing the Christmas tree

Christmas is already upon us and like every year we do not know which Tree to choose. The Tree is the symbol of Christmas, in the house can not miss, for this year we let the environment to choose for us. A Christmas tree, to be truly green, it must be decorated with low environmental impact lighting and recycled or recyclable decorations, having said that, let's move on to real choice of tree.

The best thing to do to have a Christmas tree sustainable is to give up the purchase of the classic fir grown especially for the holiday. If you really can't do without it, choose one of local cultivation: check that it is certified, that is produced in specialized nurseries for the Christmas period. L'fir true, it must be kept away from heat sources, so its ideal location is the balcony or garden. The only positive aspect is that after the holidays, we can always plant thefir in a public park or garden.

The most suitable choice falls on Artificial trees. There are artificial trees on the market made with cardboard and plastic recycled. Once purchased, these trees last a long time. This year, starting from last November 24, in all 20 IKEA stores in Italy, it will be possible to buy a sustainable Christmas tree.

The tree in question is about 140 cm high, it is the Picea Abies and costs 14.99 euros and is recommended by WWF Italy. In addition, if you do not have space in the closet to keep it, for each tree returned between 4 and 11 January 2013, IKEA will donate two euros to WWF for a project of brown bear protection Marsicano, on the central Apennines. Ikea's Christmas promotions do not end there: customers will be able to collect a voucher equal to the purchase price to be spent in IKEA stores and choose to donate another two euros to the WWF project, which will be deducted from the value of the voucher. This means that if you buy theIkea Christmas tree, is entitled to a voucher of 14.99 euros, from which you can deduct - at your discretion - two euros to be allocated to the wwf, what will remain for you will be a voucher of 12.99 euros.

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