Asbestos out of Europe by 2023

By 2023 it will have to be deleted allasbestos present in Europe. Finally a total ban on asbestos with an invitation to member states to work towards the quenching and tempering of all public and private sites, including the very dangerous ones landfills of asbestos waste not yet secured. In Italy the question asbestos is still on, the intervention of the Environment Commission (Envi) of the EU?

The dossier "Threats to health due to asbestos and prospects for the total abolition of all existing asbestos " was voted on by the Environment Commission. The original title of the dossier referred to the workplace but MEP Oreste Rossi, shadow rapporteur of the Envi Commission, stressed the importance of sending out a general message because everyone needs to be protected by asbestos risk, not just those who work in certain environments. Oreste Rossi states that it was asked unanimously "to come eliminated all existing asbestos by 2023, and we have also welcomed the decision of the Court of Turin, on Eternit case, on the deadly consequences of asbestos ".

It is important that Europe commits itself to the quenching and tempering of all the sites concerned, we must not let our guard down on the dangers of asbestos. The dossier calls on the Commission and the Member States to accept the deadline of 2023, proposed by the trade unions, for a total elimination ofasbestos. In Europe there are still those who work withasbestos, the dossier, in fact, calls for lowering the limit value of workers' exposure to asbestos fibers, the limit set by Directive 2009/148 / EC will have to be lowered further.

Alternatives toasbestos there are certainly more expensive but also healthier. Rather than just lowering the limit, the dossier could provide for taxation so as to discourage the processing of asbestos and promote that of alternative materials.

The dossier calls on the EU to clean up public and private sites, including unsecured landfills. It plans to promote alternative processes environmentally friendly and safe, like theinertization, for the transformation of waste containing asbestos and the subsequent recycling of the material usable in the construction sector. At this point other doubts arise: when in Italy the asbestos processing, construction sites such as that ofIlva of Campania began the massive and low-cost sale of the wholeeternity present on site. Thus began the hoarding of eternity by public and private administrations; today, it will be possible to identify the location of thateternity and then proceed with the remediation?

Other disrespect concerns the disposal of asbestos. There are not enough controls. In this regard, the Commission was asked to ensure the correct application of Directive 1999/31 / EC so that any waste containing asbestos is classified as hazardous and therefore disposed of in specific landfills. In Southern Italy, when walking along country roads it is not uncommon to see small mounds of eternity left on the roadside. A gruesome scenario if you consider the contamination of the air and the underlying aquifers.

Photo | The asbestos landfill above Torre delle Stelle, Cagliari - September 2012. Source ass. Tower of the Stars

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