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Vegetable garden on the terrace

Those who do not have a cultivable garden available can always point to terrace to set up his vegetable garden. Cultivate a vegetable garden on the terrace it's as easy as doing it in the garden. Of course we have to take into account some characteristics but once this is done nothing more can stop the ecological hunger of our green thumb!

Before setting up thevegetable garden on the terrace need:
- check the capacity in terms of load. How much weight can yours hold terrace?
On the basis of this technical requirement, then go and choose the size of the pots. The weight that the insole can withstand is a determining factor. In any case, the use of terracotta pots is strongly discouraged if you intend to grow more plants. The terracotta pots are very heavy and filled with soil, would further load the slab. Plastic pots are spreading precisely because of their lightness and ease of handling. There are also models in bioplastic with a very appreciable aesthetic.
- Check the water connection. On the terrace is the water coming?
If water arrives, to facilitate your existence e save water you can install a drip irrigation system or a timer, otherwise you have to resign yourself to the idea of ​​using watering cans and arm strength.
- Check the water management. Where will the water you use to irrigate go?
When you design a vegetable garden on the terrace, you must also take into account the management of superfluous water. For this reason it is recommended - once again - the drip irrigation system, it will not only avoid waste but also stagnation. Each pot must be well drained thanks to a special layer placed on the bottom of the pot. The draining layer is useful so that the water does not stagnate. For the same reason, it is important to ensure that the vase is not placed entirely on the ground but that terracotta bricks are placed at the two edges that create an air corridor under each vase. If you use grow boxes, they often have side elevations so you can avoid the use of terracotta bricks.
-Choose the plants to grow. Which are the most suitable for your needs?
Based on the load supported by the terrace, the space and the pots available, choose the vegetables you wish to cultivate. For this choice we advise you to read "What to grow on the balcony". Don't worry, the choice is wide: chard, courgette, fennel, potato, tomato, parsley, valerian, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, pepper, peperonicno ... everything you want to bring to the table, in the article "What to grow in pots “, You will find the complete list of possibilities with the sowing calendar.

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