Recycling of panels: confusion does not help

Good laws help the green economy, the red tape no. The unexplained delay in the entry into force of the regulations on the requirements of multi-chain systems and consortia interested in recovery and recycling of photovoltaic modules at the end of their life it is creating confusion and penalizing the market.

Cui bono? Cicero would say, who benefits? Certainly not to consumers and to the good economy: the advantages are, as usual, the smart ones, consortia laws and importers / producers who have not yet adapted to the requirements, which could benefit from an extension of the terms of the moratorium, initially set at December 31, 2012, in the first quarter of 2013.

To denounce this situation of obvious difficulty for operators in the sector is Michele Zilla, General Manager of Cobat-National Consortium for Collection and Recycling, who took advantage of the V Forum QualEnergy organized by Legambiente is Kyoto Club to announce a letter of grievances to the competent ministries.

The delay in the approval of the specification - said Zilla - creates problems due to the inability of the Systems and Consortia to have their requirements recognized in the face of producers and importers who request membership. Furthermore, since the registration will be valid retroactively to 1 July 2012, the difficulties are also linked to the preparation of the financial statements ".

The specifications for which approval is expected are those that define and verify the requirements of the Systems and Consortia involved in the recovery and recycling of photovoltaic modules at the end of their life. In practice, these are the definitive texts for adaptation to the requirements of the Ministerial Decree 5 July 2012 and the related Application Rules al V Conto Energia, issued by the Energy Services Manager (GSE) on 17 September. The delay is inexplicable in light of the substantial agreement reached in July-October between RSE-Ricerca Sistema Energetico and GSE.

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