Green High Tech Monza Brianza District: where there is innovation there is work

The Tangible & Intangible event in Monza

Where there is innovation there is work and things work. The numbers say it, despite the crisis. An example - probably not the only one - is the Green High Tech District of Monza and Brianza who in recent days took stock of the situation during the event Tangible & Intangible at the Apa Confartigianato headquarters in Monza.

A local but respectable reality, which has its center of gravity in Vimercate - home to numerous important companies globally - and brings together 75 companies in the electronics and microelectronics, energy, telecommunications and software sectors. Founding members of the Green High Tech District of Monza and Brianza: the province of Monza, the association of municipalities for the district, the Monza and Brianza Chamber of Commerce and Confidence.

The photograph of the situation is anything but dark. From 2009 to 2011 the number of employees of companies belonging to the District increased by 6%, especially in the leading sectors which are Electronics - Microelectronics and software development. Total revenue growth in the same period was 21%, with all four sectors (electronics and microelectronics, energy, software development and TLC products & services) having a positive result.

The numbers presented during the event are the result of a research conducted by Leanus, a company specializing in the economic study of businesses, which considered 3 years of 74 companies in the years 2009, 2010, 2011 (the associate Edison excluded from the analysis as it is "out of quota"). The conclusions are therefore based on 225 official financial statements, 225 supplementary notes, 225 meeting minutes, 150 INPS surveys.

The meeting of recent days (November 28) served not only to present the economic and material data of the District (Tangible), but also the intangible ones (Intangible) such as the opportunity offered to members to "network", the related services to start-ups, until healthy environment, promoting the needs of companies to the institutions. All of this is aimed at increasing the attractiveness of this area by creating the Tangible & Intangible conditions that serve to attract new industrial settlements and create new jobs.

The president of the Green High Tech District of Monza and Brianza is optimistic and concrete, Giacomo Piccini: “I am satisfied with the work done to date. A bet, that of the District, which is not easy to carry out in the light of a world economic situation in continuous deterioration. I am therefore convinced that only by networking will companies in our area be able to provide an adequate response to the crisis ".

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