ND, goods delivery with electric vehicles

There electric mobility it needs a boost. The slender advertising campaigns of car manufacturers are not enough, people need to gain confidence in these new means of transport. He must see them in action, he must be able to touch the tangibility of savings and safety. This is why large companies and institutions must lead by example. We saw it in the municipality of Naples where prominent figures of the administration ride aboard a Twizy, in Rome, where the municipal police have adopted the C-Zero. Today we see him with Norbert Dentressangle, the Italian group active in the sector of large distribution of the food and non-food industries, e-commerce and fashion.

Norbert Dentressangle, to reduce the high levels of pollution in city centers, it has launched a pilot project for urban freight transport. The program includes deliveries made with low environmental impact car, among which i could not miss electric vehicles. Furthermore, thanks to a partnership with suppliers of electric energy, the cars are 100% refueled with renewable energy. As well as cars, Norbert Dentressangle depots are stocked with clean energy.

40 percent of the total freight kilometers will be covered by electric vehicles and methane cars for a total of 243,000 kilometers. Thanks to the pilot project, the values ​​of harmful emissions have been drastically reduced: the estimate sees a decrease of 38 percent in carbon dioxide, 62 percent of nitrogen oxide, 54 percent of unburned hydrocarbons and 96.3 percent of primary particulate PM10. The car fleet also includes euro V diesel vehicles, this is because with the electric vehicles routes up to 150 km are covered. A big advantage for the company is the ability to access restricted traffic areas.

The Norbert Dentressangle company, in Italy, has 1,600 employees. The pilate project will soon be expanded, spreading throughout the national territory, at the same time greater impetus will be given to both deliveries made with electric vehicles who will be able to take advantage, thanks to technological developments, of greater autonomy and faster recharging methods so as to be able to guarantee routes even longer than 150 kilometers.

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