How to save energy at Christmas

Conscious choices need to be made throughout the year, Christmas holidays including. From gifts to Christmas decorations, this year we aim forenergy efficiency, a profit will also come to our pockets, not bad in times of crisis! The most traditionalists will wait until 7 December for the preparation of the Tree and the Nativity scene. While decorations can be a more flamboyant way to celebrate Christmas, these are certainly not cheap environmental impact. Garlands, gift wrapping papers, festoons ... not to mention the lighting that consumes a lot of energy resources and weighs on the family's economic budget. Today we will give you three simple tips to make yours Christmas more green!

Saving energy at Christmas, tip # 1
You cannot do without lighting but the traditional series of incandescent bulbs they force you to an enormous use of energy resources (and therefore economic); if you do not trust what has just been said, take a look at your electricity meter or monitor yours energy expenditure with a device like Current Cost. An excellent alternative is given by led christmas lights. On the market there are all types: flashing, in the shape of garlands, multicolor, the classic strings ... Some shops may provide you with a discount if with the purchase of LED lights you deliver your old bulbs, in any case, before throwing them away via check the rules of disposal arranged by your municipality of residence.

Saving energy at Christmas, tip # 2
Connect the lights of the Christmas tree and the nativity scene to a timer, in this way they will be active only in a certain period of time. The timers cost a few euros and can be easily installed. Anyone who has an aquarium knows how a timer works, just set the time when the electricity must be supplied and let the equipment do everything. Automatic timers are especially useful in the evening so you can sleep peacefully and be sure your bulbs won't suck power throughout the night.

Saving energy at Christmas, tip # 3
When it comes to decorating your home for the Christmas holidays, many of us get overwhelmed by enthusiasm. After installing wires and strings of lights, fixing the mistletoe to the front door, changing the mats at the entrance doors ... let's stop! There is no need to add other electrical devices such as lights and talking Santas. An excellent strategy to improve ours christmas decor provides for the application of mirrors placed in positions designed to reflect the lights already installed. The result is magnificent!

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