Energy saving

Low energy consumption Christmas lights

In this article we have given you some tips for save energy during the Christmas holidays. The first tip involves replacing the classic series of incandescent bulbs, with beautiful ones led lights high energy efficiency. As with all new purchases, we feel a bit disoriented and don't know what to choose. Let's see together which are the led christmas lights that are right for us.

You know the movie "An Explosive Christmas“?
Well, maybe some of you are too young to remember; in the film, Clark Griswold decided to light his home with 25,000 light bulbs. At the end of the holidays, the Griswold family had to spend about $ 2,200 on the electricity bill. If only Clark had used the LED Christmas lights could have saved more than $ 2,000! Now you understand why they are so important Christmas lights to low energy consumption?

For the pretentious and Radical Chic customer
There are many types of energy-efficient Christmas lights, an example are the "Flexible LED Strip Light“, Can be fixed on walls and floors. It is a very thin and flexible ribbon where each meter carries 115 lighting units and each meter consumes only 1.44 watts. This type of LED lighting comes with an adhesive backing and is aimed at the most demanding households. Six meters of Flexible LED Strip Light they cost around 16 euros. A big problem is availability, it is difficult to find them in the shop away from home, you can try to place an order in a specialized store or buy on the web in qualified portals such as The portal sells super-thin wires full of LED bulbs, here every "series" it consumes only 3.6 watts and is just over six meters long (see photo above).

For practical and slightly naïve customers
For those who prefer to buy products in Italy without spending a fortune, there are excellent choices. You can buy them on Amazon 100 Christmas lights led spending only 4.99 euros. The lights are suitable for outdoor and indoor use, they are available in single or multiple colors. THE 100 LEDs they are distributed on a 10-meter wire that consumes only 5 Watts guaranteeing a energy saving 90% less than the analogous chain of incandescent lights.

Doubts for online purchases
If you are unfamiliar with online shopping, is the place to start. Protects the customer and eliminates shipping costs above 19 euros, if your expense is only 4.99 euros (the price of the LED bulbs), a cost of 2.30 euros will be applied for shipments. The product will arrive at your home within 5 working days or within only 1 day if you choose the express courier which costs € 3.99 with Amazon Prime. For the purchase you do not need a real credit card, just the prepaid PostePay, which can be purchased in all Italian Post offices at a price of 5 euros.

Video: Comparing LED Christmas Lights to Incandescent Mini Lights - How Much Heat is Generated (October 2020).