Harley electric bike

And the Harley Davidson without an ounce of petrol added! It's about a electric bicycle inspired by the style of the most famous street bike in the world, the Harley. It is produced by the Californian company Marrs Cycles and presents itself to the public with a gritty style, a dark color and wood finishes. We have nicknamed it "Harley electric bike”Even though his real first name is M-1 Marrs.

Let's take a look at the specifications of the electric bike M-1 Marrs:
Frame, fork and handlebar are made of Chromoly
Li-ion battery
Brushless rear motor
Security checks
Hydraulic disc brake
It weighs about 63 kg
Height of 36 ″ - measured from the ground to the handlebar -
Speed ​​of 33 km / h measured on a flat surface with a rider weighing about 80 kilograms


If you are wondering what the Chromoly, know that it is a rather famous material in the field of "metallurgy for cyclists". It is a steel alloy containing chromium and molybdenum. This material makes the frame particularly resistant to shocks, mechanical stresses, traction ... in short, the Harley electric bike it is a massive vehicle, just consider that the tests were conducted with a rider who weighs more or less 80 kg.

The price of the electric bike M-1 Marrs it is quite salty! It starts at $ 7,500 but it's still one handcrafted bike, with wood finishes and handcrafted in the factories of Southern California. There electric bike M-1 Marrs it made its debut on the market a few months ago and garnered good reviews from cyclists who love the genre. Remember that if you intend to buy it to circulate in Italy, in our country the electric bikes, in the mode of assisted pedaling, cannot deliver power higher than 25 km / h, therefore you should make an adjustment in order to take advantage of the advantages offered by electric bikes:
Zero insurance costs
Zero fuel costs
Zero stamp duty and road taxes

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