Hybrid scooter

If you are thinking about a new means of transport, you have already considered purchasing one hybrid scooter? They are excellent for urban and interurban commuting. The hybrid scooter it is an ecological and reliable vehicle. The most common are those of 50, 125, 150 and 300 cc. With the combined power of electric motor and combustion, it hybrid scooter you will be able to enjoy excellent acceleration. The electric motor produces a torque of over 40 Nm.


The hybrid scooter it is also an economic means, an estimate carried out in France, has seen that in five years 2,400 euros can be saved between petrol and maintenance. Let's see the advantages of one together hybrid scooter:

  • 40 percent fuel savings compared to a conventional scooter of the same horsepower
  • savings on maintenance costs
  • greater safety with double front and rear brakes, electric ABS, electric anti-skid device during acceleration
  • the battery recharges automatically during braking
  • no problems of autonomy thanks to the combined use of gasoline and electricity
  • less harmful emissions
  • affordable prices with excellent ratios between performance, savings and price
  • subsidized insurance
  • long life electrical components
  • purchase bonus

The market offers us various proposals for hybrid scooters. Italians are lucky enough to be able to count on a local production company, the company specializing in two-wheeled electric motors, the Aspes. The company offers three models of hybrid scooters:

Vega Hybrid 50 - sold to the public at a price of 2,970 euros
Vega Hybrid 125 - sold to the public at a price of 3,390 euros
Perseo Hybrid 150 - sold to the public at a price of 3,790 euros


Also there Piaggio has his own hybrid scooter. This is the Mp3 Hybrid model that sports the ultra-modern 300 cc engine with brilliant performance in terms of shooting and speed and with acceleration comparable to that of a 400 cc. thermal. Here we go a little over budget, it hybrid scooter Piaggio Mp3 300ie costs 7,990 euros.

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