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Germany, 100% renewable by 2050?

Germany by 2050 could satisfy its electric hunger with clean energy, to support it not only the community scientists but also the new report of the Heinrich Böll Foundation; in this we read that Germany, with Europe, has all the credentials to be 100% renewable by 2050. The entire European community could make great strides towards clean energies but what is needed is more cooperation between countries.

A 100% Europe renewable? Believing in such a positive forecast is difficult. With the Eurozone crisis and the recent cuts to the EU budget, the green economy will not have an easy life. Europe needs a greater fiscal unity to strengthen the power of the euro and there shouldn't be big differences between financing to renewable arranged in the various Member States. The problem isn't just about manufacturing clean energy but also its distribution.

It takes about 10 years to build an electricity grid, potential investors should have more certainty to be able to invest in such an expensive project. When it comes to unitary electricity network it refers to a program that should be embraced by all member states, therefore European countries should support the program and not hinder it.

If we analyze the current situation, we see that the European markets ofrenewable energy they reflect the priorities of each individual Member State and do not aspire to any unity. In addition, it is necessary to aim for a Grid Parity, equal economic convenience between clean energy and that purchased from the conventional grid and coming from fossil fuels. To do this, it is necessary to investigate that there are no "hidden aids " is "dirty energy financing " such as nuclear and coal.

As regards the renewable German, the Germany has a rather strong economy, as every Member State is affected by the Euro crisis but has already far exceeded its target of 35% clean energy by 2020. At this rate, Germany could truly become 100% renewable by 2050.

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