Milan - Turin one city with Italo

Seven trips a day from Turin to Milan (and viceversa), in just 44 minutes: more or less the time you spend on the Milan metro to go from one end of the city to the other. The two regional capitals come even closer, with a really great advantage for those who work in one of the two cities and reside in the other.

Indeed, it becomes possible plan daytrip trips, with a convenient subscription for a business traveler: a month in smart class, round trip, including seat assignment, costs 299 euros. The sale of subscriptions starts on November 30, the new routes on the Milan - Turin route from 9 December.

In Turin, Italo stops at the Porta Susa station where, next January, the opening of Italo house, the Service Center available to travelers. In the meantime, until the refurbishment of the station is completed, NTV will guarantee assistance and information to travelers through its staff and with the help of mobile desks.

The first train leaving from Turin is scheduled at 6.42 with arrival in Rome. The last one, always arriving in Rome (and then continuing to Salerno) is scheduled at 4.42 pm. At 7.42 pm the last Italo leaves for Florence. The first train arriving in Turin enters the station at 08.10 with Milan origin. The first with origin Naples / Rome arrives in Turin at 12.10. The last train to arrive in Turin is at 21.10.

Prices are competitive. In Smart you travel from 15 euros to Milan and in promotion from 20 euros to Bologna, 25 to Florence, 38 to Rome, 45 to Naples and 50 to Salerno. In first class, the Turin-Rome route starts at 55 euros and the Turin-Milan route from 21 euros.

With the new timetable coming into effect on December 9, Italo also shortens travel times between the connected cities. The Milan Porta Garibaldi-Napoli Centrale drops to 4h 37 ', with a gain of 9 minutes compared to the 2012 timetable. Shorter journey also between Milan PG and Rome Ostiense, in both directions (-4 minutes), as well as between Rome Ostiense and Venezia Santa Lucia (-9 minutes). The non-stops also accelerate: the Milano PG-Roma Ostiense and the Milano Rogoredo-Roma Tiburtina (in both directions) gain 5 minutes.

For information, timetables, tickets and passes: / Pronto Italo (06.07.08) / self service ticket offices in Italo houses / authorized travel agencies.

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