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The excellence of organic products at BIOLIFE

Among the events not to be missed certainly BIOLIFE - in Bolzano from 30th November to 2nd December - the largest trade fair showcase in theItalian agri-food excellence organic and certified. At the 2012 edition, the ninth, 200 producers from all over Italy are expected with over 2000 products including flour, rice, cheeses, meats, condiments, drinks, desserts and wines.

BIOLIFE 2012 will be the occasion for the first symposium of GAS (Solidarity Purchase Groups) of Alto Adige, who will talk about their history and will be available for any information necessary for starting a purchasing group. He will speak at the inauguration on Friday 39th Günther Reifer, founder of Terra Institute, which will promote sustainable business models oriented towards new consumption possibilities.

This year the fair dedicates more space to wine. Expected for over eleven years, 2012 finally saw the approval of the European regulation on organic wine, which if it is true that it has raised criticisms, at least it marks a step forward. BIOLIFE has decided to greet this novelty by dedicating an area to a wine shop and tasting area.

Also present this year a BIOLIFE territorial associations and producers of great prestige in organic national food and wine context. These include Bioland, UPBIO, Biodynamic Association, S’Atra Sardigna, BIO COR, Terramica, as well as some regions that are officially present such as the Marche and Basilicata. At the level of individual producers, there is the confirmation of historical protagonists of Italian food and wine quality such as Parmabio, Casale Nibbi, Gregorio Rotolo, Gerardo Giovine, Mia Terra, Vin & Organic, Rohrwacher.

Holes from food, space is increasingly important BIOLIFE dedicates to cosmesi, for which there is an eligibility protocol designed by BIOLIFE, and to textiles, with the presence of names such as Argital, Esprit Equo, Ringana, Baci di Trama, Tessitura Bortolotto, Astorflex.


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