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Energy from biogas in Bertiolo (Udine)

The biogas is one of the main themes of the green economy because its potential of renewable energy source they are really tall and partly still to be explored. Much is actually being done, more than what is being talked about in the newspapers, and the results are beginning to show. Even in Italy, where scientific research and specialized companies certainly have something to tell.

The news of these days, we are at the end of November, comes from the North East, where right now we are preparing for the inauguration (scheduled for Saturday 1 December) of the Greenway Bertiolo biogas plant (Udine) a plant of 8 thousand 500 MW per year of clean energy.

The local entrepreneurial system of the Middle Friuli it has created a network, it is appropriate to say it, in the sense of a network between companies and in the sense of goal. Ten agricultural enterprises, with the participation of FriulAdria to the share capital, they managed to give life to this plant that feeds one zero km supply chain: electricity to the national grid e natural fertilizer for the fields.

The new biogas power plant is located in Braide Matte, in the industrial area of ​​Bertiolo, and was built by Greenway Società Agricola Arl and Schmack Biogas Srl. At the inauguration, with an extended invitation to the press, there will be Marco Tam is Maximus Catullus, respectively chairman of the board and director of Greenway. Local authorities will also be involved.

Examples of local biogas-powered energy networks can be found in Europe. One is that of town of Rowa Mazowiecka, 80 km from Warsaw, in Poland, which with the biogas plant (dry fermentation in this case) decided to revive the local economy.

Another is the German citizen of Lünen, north of Dortmund, which aims to meet 30-40% of its energy needs with biogas of animal origin taken from nearby farms. Then there is the singular case of the city of Berlin, which announced a project of composting of dog excrement in urban areas to produce biogas.

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