Presses for aluminum cans

Those who work with large quantities can transform the recycling in a real business. In this article we have seen that you can make money by recycling paper, aluminum, pet and iron. For example, 20 kg of aluminum they can be worth 10 euros. Anyone intending to work with large quantities will need one press for aluminum cans, perfect for treating PET, fabrics and boxes.

With a press for aluminum cans materials such as paper, pet, hay, sponges, cottons, clothes, coir fibers and other common waste can be compressed. The presses for aluminum cans have the function of reducing the transport volume so as to obtain a product that is easier to store, transport and ready for the subsequent phases of recycling.

The price of these devices can fluctuate strongly, from a few hundred euros for can pressesmanuals"Up to exceeding 15 thousand euros for the presses for aluminum cans more performing. It is clear that between these two extremes there are numerous middle ground. A valid path is offered by mini compactors for waste, presses for cans less demanding and beautifully designed are offered by Ecology Group SRL.

The waste presses they can reduce the volume according to the user's needs. In the industrial presses you can have "packs" of aluminum (in the case of the classic ALU cans) from 25 tons up to 200 tons, other machines work with smaller quantities and supply packs of 1200 - 1500 kilograms. For smaller quantities there is no shortage of offers up to presses for aluminum cans which are operated manually; this solution does not consume electricity because here we are talking about a particular container that allows compress the aluminum manually. The "can press " it can be used to host awareness or advertising campaigns of companies or public bodies. The can presses it is offered by various companies, among these we point out the very Italian Martinelli Srl.

The pressing machines they are machines capable of reducing the overall dimensions by providing crushing tin cans, bottles or jars, by means of a presser that moves at an alternating pace.

Video: high speed press machine line for Aluminium Cans production (October 2020).