DIY Keychain Ideas

We have already seen some nice ones ideas to build keychain do it yourself by recycling corks and old fabrics. In this article we will look at others ideas for keychain do-it-yourself!

For ours ideas we propose to use only recycled materials. Let's start with something very easy like bottle caps. Plastic caps can be creatively recycled with the making of diy keychain, what do you need?


Plastic caps
Keychain rings
Chido 11 and hammer (the hammer is not strictly necessary)
Ribbons, wool, thread ...
Beads, buttons ...
Hot glue
Lighter and tongs

Pierce two caps exactly in the center. To do this you can use the escandescent nail - read it with pliers to avoid getting burned -, or the nail with a hammer. Take the ribbon and pass it through the hole. Work again with the ribbon (or the wool or the thread!) And stop it with a knot that will not be noticed because it stops under the concavity of the cap. Do the same with the other cap until you get the two concavities on the face. Secure the two caps with hot glue. Use beads, bolts and buttons to embellish your keychain made with caps. To better understand the idea, we recommend that you look at the photo gallery!

The best idea for the creation of a diy keychain it was suggested by “Italida Photography”, not surprisingly, to build the keychain an old camera roll was used, the result is sober, original and very tasteful! Let's see what is needed:

Film already developed (if you don't know how to get it, go to your trusted photographer and get one as a gift!)
Keychain ring
Card and Attack


Adhere the chain of the ring to a small ball of black paper. Take the paper ball (already adhered to the end of the ring chain) and immerse it in the attack. Attach the ball to the top of the roll. To do this, help yourself with an old crayon or a long enough toothpick, do not use your fingers to avoid "stick them " to the roll. Also in this case we advise you to take a look at the photo gallery!

Those who are familiar with needle and thread can try to make a keyring with pannolenici. At this link a photo tutorial.

Video: DIY Crafts: How To Make A Keychain (October 2020).