Climate, no nation is safe

Our children will inherit a completely different world from the one we live in today. To say it is a report on climate changes commissioned by the World Bank. The report warns everyone, no nation is immune to global warming, symptoms see "extreme and dangerous heat waves for sea levels ".

The research highlights the influence of climate changes on global food reserves, as we have seen with coffee crops, the agri-food sector is at risk: the negative effects of a increasingly hot weather they will take place above all in developing countries, making it increasingly difficult to achieve certain objectives. In addition, the phenomenon of land grabbing is already occurring in poor regions, it is precisely in developing countries that cereals are grown for livestock for human consumption.

We will never be able to end poverty if we do not solve the problem of climate changes.World Bank President Jim Yong Kim said at last Friday's conference;

Up to now we have heard of Third and Fourth World countries. With the global warming we will hear about "4 ° C World", World of the fourth degree. There temperature risks rising by four degrees celsius, an increase which must necessarily be avoided. The report commissioned by the World Bank is called "Lower the temperature: because a 4 ° C rise must be avoided“.

The Report shows projections on the trend of "factors related to climate change" during the 21st century. The crucial factors are:

  • impact on water resources
  • Drought
  • advanced sea levels
  • heat waves
  • impact on food resources with a reduction in agricultural productivity
  • impact on ecosystems
  • impact on human health
  • acidification of the oceans
  • energy production
  • means of subsistence

The report highlights that the climate influences all human activities, none excluded. Rachel Kyte, Vice President of the Bank for it Sustainable Development he said: "We will double our efforts to find solutions to climate challenges ". No area is safe, le heat waves first and foremost they will attack the sub-tropic areas of the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Middle East and the United States. At risk is the entire human activity! The press release states that as soon as a 2 ° C increase in temperature is recorded, the disintegration of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Counter i climate changes is the greatest challenge for man. A challenge that has major environmental and social implications, especially for the poorest regions. It is our moral duty to act and we must do it now.

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