In Poland, the church that becomes Green

A church in Poland generates the energy it needs and sells the surplus electricity it produces to the grid operators. This is made possible by exploiting thesolar power. It is the only one photovoltaic system of the County.

How many religious buildings are there in the world? Surely many, but how many rely on renewable to satisfy every energy need? From heating in the winter months, to lighting and the sound system; the Catholic church of Skoczow-Pogorze in Upper Silesia has adopted a photovoltaic system that has covered all the roofs!

With the energy generated, the church of Skoczow-Pogorze, in Poland, will be able to activate electric heating and at the same time power the lighting system of the rectory and adjacent buildings. The church, in fact, has several chapels, meeting rooms, 30 rooms and a canteen.

For the realization of the project, the Skoczow-Pogorze chisa relied on Canadian Solar, one of the world's leading producers of solar modules. With the installation of the photovoltaic panels la chisa has implemented a more than wise choice: the project will benefit from a fee for every kilowatt hour fed into the network because it is part of the "green certification" deriving from the sale of energy to network operators.

In short, the church produces theelectricity it consumes and the surplus is sold to network operators. The photovoltaic system adopted by the church has a power of 37 kW, it was made by the developer RenSan Energy in less than three weeks. Piotr Zajax, RenSan Energy Progect Lead, comments:

"We are truly enthusiastic about the positive comments received from the episcopal congregation, from other priests in the province, from the archbishop and from public employees. The project began to receive widespread approval immediately after its connection to the network "

Given the success of the episcopal congregation of Skoczow Pogorze, the consents will be followed by other installations. The photovoltaic system made the church a pioneer in the province of Upper Silesia and in the new Polish solar market.

In the photo the church of Skoczow-Pogorze

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