Wind power

Google and its new Rippey wind farm

Google continues to increase its turnover in the sector of renewable, his favorite energy source is the Wind, so he decided to invest $ 75 million to build a new one wind farm, that of Rippey, Iowa. L'wind power plant it will have a capacity of 50 MW.

In the last few years Google he has invested many of his savings in renewable, carrying out projects ofwind energy is solar. The latest investment made by Google amounts to 75 million dollars, funds reserved for the construction of a wind farm located about an hour away from Des Moines, Iowa.

The wind project Rippey is already operational and has been developed by Access RPM, once fully operational it should generate enough power to satisfy the energy requirements of at least 15,000 homes. The turbines were supplied by Nordex USA and manufactured in the Jonesboro, Arkansas, facility.

It seems that Google likes to end the business year with investments in renewable. Also last 2011, between November and December, Google invested 94 million dollars in a solar project in Sacramento, California. The solar park in question, it exploited various photovoltaic technologies and was able to generate clean electricity for a total of 88 megawatts.

This November, with the addition of the latest investment inwind power, Google can boast of having targeted the renewable a fortune that amounts to 990 million dollars. No wonder the web giant decides to celebrate when it reaches $ 1 billion!

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