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The Carbon Price Communique: even Ricoh says yes

There is a network of companies in the world committed to emphasizing the importance of carbon price in the prevention of dangerous anthropogenic interference on the climate. His name is Corporate Leaders Network (CLN) and inside it hosts the groups that have arisen at the level of each individual country, Corporate Leaders Group (CLG). First the UK CLG, and then the global network, wrote a joint statement addressed to the leaders of the governments to which it was named The Carbon Price Communique.

The Carbon Price Communique it is important because it fixes certain points in black on white. Most significantly, we need a clear, long-lasting, ambitious and effective policy framework to support the investments needed to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century. It is certainly a good thing that business leaders are convinced that the stability made possible by this political framework, and the potential that it will bring, will offer prospects for success for companies and foster job creation.

The price of carbon is essential to prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference on the climate. By taking the right approach, carbon pricing also helps engage consumers and a encourage change in behavior., said Shiro Kondo, Presid"We therefore urge policy-makers to focus on introducing a clear picture of the carbon price in a stable and timely manner"entity and CEO of Ricoh Company, among the companies that have signed the declaration.

This, translated into practice, means: making the price of carbon an important part of national policy responses; work to achieve the long-term goal of a carbon price for the entire world economy; set up an ambitious program, through internationally agreed objectives. This approach to the price of carbon can lead to significant reduction of emissions at lower costs than expected. This allows you to set ambitious goals.

The reasons that led Ricoh to sign the declaration are shared by more and more companies around the world. “Ricoh believes it is important to achieve a sustainable society in which the environmental impact is reduced to a minimum, also to safeguard the Earth for future generations. To achieve this goal, each country must implement proactive initiatives aimed at preventing climate change. We signed the joint declaration because we believe in its validity as it is made by the CEOs and addressed to the leaders of Governments "Shiro Kondo added.

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