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Electricity and Gas, little competition in Italy

Who genre gas or produces electricity it can't even handle cables and pipes. Is called "ownership separation " and it is the principle which requires dividing the production and supply activities from the distribution ones. A crucial point for the integration of energy markets in Europe and to open new borders to Competition which especially in Italy seems to be missing. It is the provisions of Third Energy Package and all Member States must hurry to apply it.

When it comes to power there are two things that interest citizens and businesses: security of supplies and affordable costs. In Italy the situation of energies brings to light two big problems. On the one hand, there is the limited competition in particular of the gas sector and on the other hand there is the problem of congestions occurring in electrical networks of the boot, especially in the South.

The crux lies in the imports, Italy has few supply channels and routes need to be varied by focusing on the Southern Corridor of the Nation. With new gas pipelines and regasifiers methane prices are expected to drop. As for the field electric 13 billion euros could be saved a year if there was a mass migration to el cheaper rates on the market. According to a survey conducted by the Commission, there are few Italians who compare the offers of the different companies, therefore a package dedicated to consumer protection.

Between consumer rights which should appear in the National laws, the European Commission has set various points, for example, the right to change supplier in three weeks at no additional cost. According to an EU report, to favor the competition between operators electricity figures the diffusion of monitoring means such as electronic meters to check consumption in real time, understandable bills and detailed information on the various rates and offers.

The electricity and gas prices regulated by the state, on the other hand, "They risk providing a false idea of ​​protection, which discourages customers from actively exploring better offers, including energy efficiency measures". The Italian situation is not the only case in Europe, indeed, in the Union there are 18 countries that still have regulated prices for electricity and gas. The EU wants to fathom this status and wants to do so by 2014.

Video: Gas tariff regulation in a competitive and shrinking market. Sergio Ascari (October 2020).