Organic food

Italian organic: good results and excellent prospects

THE 243 PDO, PGI and TSG products, the over 4,600 regional specialties, i 521 DOC wines, DOCG and IGT and above all the results achieved bybiological agriculture - the most sustainable production method among those currently practiced - testify that theItalian agriculture has been able to guide production choices towards quality linked to the individual specificities of the territory, developing along the path of sustainability.

Today in Italy thebiological agriculture it affects more than one million and 100 thousand hectares of arable agricultural land, 18.7% of the total UAA (utilized agricultural area), a share that places it in second place in Europe after Spain. The organic farms Italian there are a total of 48,509, the highest number in Europe. At the same time, Italian agriculture has also reduced the use of chemical fertilizers is pesticides, thus decreasing the pressure on the water quality.

The ecological quality agricultural supply chains, from the priority areas of food production to those of agro-energy, production of biodegradable materials, agritourism and forest and land management, represent one of the six strategic sectors of green economy. To say it is the relationship Green Economy to overcome the two crises created by the Foundation for Sustainable Development, in collaboration with Enea, and presented on the occasion of the General States of the Green Economy at Ecomondo.

Since these ecological quality agricultural supply chains have further and important development prospects, as long as they focus on high ecological quality, a list of nine proposals was created from the States General of the Green Economy: 1) Preserve the intended use and stop the consumption of agricultural land. 2) Promote multifunctionality and pluri-activity in agricultural areas. 3) Promote youth employment in ecological quality agricultural chains. 4) Strengthen consumer information. 5) Promote the development of agro-energy. 6) Improve the use of water resources in agriculture. 7) Promote organic farming and good agronomic practices. 8) Promote the role of agriculture in mountain and hilly areas and in protected areas, as well as in urban areas. 9) Improve attention to legality in the agricultural sector.

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