Wind power

Wind Farm Matisse, Puglia

The wind farm Matisse, in Puglia, will be operational by the first quarter of 2013. It will count 13 wind turbines with a capacity of 3.0 MW, with a total power of 39 MW. L'wind power plant it will be set up by the will of Farpower S.r.l, of Whysol Investments, a company specialized in the development of energy infrastructures. The wind farm will be located in the Municipalities of Candela and Ascoli Satriano, in the province of Foggia.

The plant will be connected to the National Transport Network through the Manet substation. The delivery of wind turbines will take place in January and the plant will already be operational in March. This is ensured by the company Vestas, world leader in the distribution and installation of wind turbines. The company will take care of the supply, transport, installation and commissioning of the turbines.

There Vestasin addition, it will offer 15 years of service and maintenance under the "Output Management Active ", this clause is reassuring for the citizens of Puglia who will be able to count on a wind power plant running at full capacity for the next 15 years!

L'wind farm Matisse Whysol it will bring clean energy to the Puglia Region with electricity supplies for more than 85,000 inhabitants. L'Matisse wind farm will produce about 100 GWh per year which correspond to an annual cut of 40 thousand tons of CO2.

Will provide clean electricity sufficient to cover the residential energy consumption of over 85,000 Italians. The Vestas wind turbines are produced in various parts of the globe, the company can ensure the Italian supply thanks to two production plants of shovels here in Taranto.

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