Building bird nests

Between smog and city chaos some people do not have the pleasure of hearing the twittering of birds but those who live in the countryside or near a green area with trees know what I'm talking about. The alternation of verses is so pleasant, it is almost a call for nature lovers! There is one thing we can do to help birds in nesting, we can build a shelter that the same birds will furnish to nest!

Building bird nests for outdoor environments
There are various types of bird nests, from the most complex houses to simple shelters. In this guide we will explain how to build a nest for birds in the simplest way possible. If you are looking for a way to build a nest for your aviary, then this article will be more suitable. The nests we will discuss now are those for outdoor environments.

The easiest way to build bird nests will take you to to recycle a rubber ball. Here's what you need:
- a deflated rubber ball (slightly smaller than the classic supersantos pollane)
- a drawstring

Take a deflated rubber ball with a soft and natural color: yellowish, brownish… with the help of scissors make a large hole. Be careful not to remove an excessive portion of rubber, remember that there must be a surface large enough to accommodate the bird.

On the upper end of the ball, always with the help of scissors, create two holes, one for the entrance and the other for the exit of the cord. The cord will serve to secure the nest completed near your garden. If you use a thicker cord, you can also drill a single hole and secure it by making a knot at the end of the cord that protrudes inside the ball.

It will be the bird's job to complete the nest as he sees fit, to help him also in this you can add a little short straw. Remember to secure it well, the nest must not swing with the wind. The nest it could be made with plywood or by carving a coconut but the procedure just described is far simpler!

Video: Blackbird nesting - from building the nest to leaving the nest (October 2020).