Energy saving

The sustainable lightness of the Turin Interport

We often talk about Smart City, smart cities on a human scale. The Smart Cities they don't just want to be sustainable, technological and interconnected, but they want to bring a new way of living the city with a different organization of urban spaces in order to recover them, make them livable again and return them to the usefulness of citizens. A Smart City is equipped with an innovative public and private transport, aimed at reducing the harmful emissions, smart cities are urban environments equipped with excellent e-government and digital communication services, which means saying goodbye to the annoying queues to access administrative services.

A Smart City He is able to "Lighten" the load of stress that characterizes modern man. The citizen of the Smart City will also have to say goodbye to parking problems because the smart mobility provides sustainable travel and a set of systems "smart " as the management of automated parking, information services and the "local advertising " for the control and solution of emergencies through the wi-fi connectivity. The urban environment will thus become more "slender", fluid and characterized by greater security which is protected through innovative video surveillance systems that protect citizens and businesses.

What does all this have to do with Turin?
There is a project that is about to come to life. The Turin Interport is about to be transformed into a platform for the intelligent land management. The mission includes a substantial one reduction of energy consumption, the enabling of value-added services that focus on environmental sustainability. The solutions envisaged for the Smart City were "revisited" is "readjusted"To the needs of the Turin area.

What are the actions that will be taken in the short term?
- Containment of energy waste: the energy efficiency of the Turin Interport will be achieved through better management of energy procurement which govern and ensure the safety of the entire area. In concrete terms, this means that action will be taken, among other things, onpublic lighting with a total of 386 light points including light towers.
-Increased public safety: the current remote control system will be strengthened with the implementation of cameras with relative transmitters / receivers. Where necessary, a license plate reading system will be enhanced.
- A service is provided for the provision of WiFi connectivity
- The installation of Info point.

L'Interport of Turin (managed by S.I.TO S.p.a) stands on an area of ​​3 million square meters and takes place in the municipalities of Turin, Rivoli, Rivalta, Grugliasco and Orbassano. The Turin Interport, with the application of management, efficiency and smart mobility strategies, will be able to take the first steps towards converting the area into a Smart urban unit. To talk about a true Smart City, energy supply plans should be envisaged with the installation of photovoltaic panels and infrastructures to ensure the spread of intelligent mobility. Much still needs to be done but the Turin Interport is undoubtedly on the right track!

Photo | Warehouse of the Interport, source wikipedia

Video: Torino. Italy (October 2020).