Energy saving

IT and environment: it gives hard drives green

Ecological hard drives (and performing) built with low percentages of polluting materials and consuming less energy. It is just one example of the contributions that the world ofInformation Technology can give to environmental sustainability, in terms of reducing pollution and saving primary resources. With the addition of some significant benefits for people's health.

The idea is called WD Green and consists of hard disk designed and built with innovative techniques that are environmentally friendly; for example they do not contain lead or halogen and they use materials conflict-free, that is, coming from areas of the planet that are not areas of war.

This conflict-free is an important feature in the choice of technological devices: at the beginning, in fact, the term was used only for diamonds, to avoid the marketing of "bloodstained" precious stones, but when it is realized that even cell phones and PCs contain rare earths and precious metals, the IT world readily borrowed it.

Feature of technology WD GreenPower is to run at lower temperatures, which gives the drive greater reliability and reduced noise - great for external drives and hyper-quiet PCs. At the same time, the IntelliSeek technology calculates and implements the optimal search speeds to reduce vibrations, and with them noise and consumption.

Another important technical feature is that these discs are designed so that the recording head never touches the disc holder, thus minimizing the wear of the head and the support. This also extends the hard disk life cycle.

In addition to complying with the provisions RoHS, all WD Green drives are free of halogen is lead, which reduces polluting emissions into the environment. The exclusion of halogen and lead from the raw materials used for construction allows WD to ensure that the new generation of WD Green hard drive is manufactured with a smaller amount of earth magnets. The environmental advantages also concern the aspect of recycling.

According to the calculations of WD, which we report with the benefit of inventory, each customer who purchased this disk has helped to save the planet over 466 million kWh, almost equal to annual energy production of a coal plant. WD Green units sold so far have been over 100 million.

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