Electric Vespa

When we talk about the Wasp we refer to the famous motorcycle model of the historic Italian house Piaggio. Piaggio hasn't produced one yet electric wasp but there are some houses that referring to that design have reproduced something very similar. The most prestigious is the car manufacturer Mini that after winning the hearts of Italians with the Cooper, can also do it with two wheels.

Of smaller companies that have reproduced the design of the Wasp there are many. Most of them come from China. An example of this is the Vespa model scooter Yongheng. This model has a power of up to 1000w. It is equipped with a lead battery but on request it can be delivered with the most performing lithium-ion battery, the capacity is 48v and has a range of about 60 km, always on request it is possible to obtain more performing batteries. The 2012 model is EEC certified and features a LED lighting system. The scooter "Vespa model " costs less than 1,000 euros.


Always inspired by the design of the Wasp, the Jetson eBike has launched a electric bicycle, this time the price is higher. There is talk of $ 1,799. The ebike can reach 32 km / h and has a range of about 60 km. The electric motor 500W is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can face up to 800 complete charging cycles (more info at this link).

The brand Mini is not immune to the charm of electric scooters, thus, a couple of years ago he launched a concept called "IS", looking at him carefully, it certainly cannot be denied that he was not inspired (even if only partially) by the style of the famous Vespa Piaggio. The "E" line of Mini includes three models full of customizations. The three models are called Echo, Mod and Ego.


But if we want one Electric Vespa in true style Piaggio? In this case it will be necessary to act independently! There Vespa Piaggio can be easily converted into one Electric Vespa. The high demand for models Electric Vespa prompted some companies to produce conversion kits. This is the case of Sound Speed ​​Scoters of Seattle which has commercialized kits capable of transforming one Wasp 150 of 1960 in one Electric Vespa more than performing. With the kit you can modify the swingarm, the petrol tank and obviously the engine. The engine is replaced with a 3000W electric one and the battery fits in place of the tank. The kit for the Electric Vespa costs about 1,100 euros.

Video: SLUK. Retrospective Scooters Electric Vespa conversion (October 2020).