How to build a crib ladder

The Christmas holidays are approaching and for traditionalists the Christmas tree must be flanked by the nativity scene. Last year we showed you how to build a nativity scene starting from a cardboard base, this time we will talk about furniture! In particular we will show you how to build a ladder for nativity scenes.

How to build a crib ladder, the material
You have to decide if you want to create it with cardboard or wood. In any case, to make ours “Do it yourself guide"More respectful of the environment, we offer you some sustainable materials, easy to find and above all a no cost!

If you choose to build a ladder with some cardboard, do not go to the stationery shop but go near a shopping center and recover an old box, as long as you don't have one at home, like the one with shoes!

If you prefer to work with wood, you will need "sprigs“, You can collect them in a forest or in the public park closest to home. Alternatively, you can use stick ice cream sticks because that is the ideal length or in any case it is easily adaptable: for build a ladder very long, just glue more sticks or use brown crayons, so you don't have to paint it.

For these jobs, hot glue is the most suitable but to keep an eye on the environment, we buy an ecological glue or if you want to still act in the name of savings, you can use simple thread.

In summary:
Cardboard, twigs or cork
Glue, thread or stapler

How to build a crib ladder, wood
The wooden ladder is more suitable for small nativity scenes.

  1. Take the twigs and make sure that they are all about 4 cm long.
  2. Take the two sticks of ice cream and place them on the table in a parallel direction, placed at a distance of 4 cm. Between the two sticks glued (or tied) one at a time, the twigs.
  3. The length of the ladder is up to you based on the size of the crib. Once the entire length is covered, your ladder will be ready. You will only have to paint it, if you haven't used crayons to make it!

How to build a crib ladder, cardboard
Cardboard stairs are more difficult to make but the end result will be something less rudimentary. They are especially perfect for large nativity scenes.

  1. Take a card. The width and length must be chosen according to the dimensions of the crib. Work with the already painted cardboard.
  2. Fold the cardboard like an accordion, be careful to give enough depth to the steps
  3. Place your accordion perpendicular to another card, with a pencil draw its progress. Pay attention to the edges of the cardboard that you will need to "close" yours ladder. Cut the cardboard following the trace of the pencil.
  4. Cut out the cardboard and glue it to the ladder. Do the same for the other side or leave it free if it rests on a wall.
  5. From the top of the ladder, insert some crumpled newspaper or toilet paper. This will help you "fill in" the ladder of your crib and make it more solid. Your ladder is ready!

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