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Expo 2015, accessible innovations with StartUps

L'Expo 2015 it is often associated with mere exposure where large companies show off extra-expensive technologies that are useful for the future but not accessible in practical terms. L'Expo 2015 does not want to be an exhibition ofinaccessible innovation but it wants to bring benefits ready for use.

A food for thought comes from the prince of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah Bin Faisal Bin Turki Al Saud, president of the "Saudi-Italian Development Company". Saudi Arabia has signed the official agreement for participation in the Milan Expo 2015 just a few weeks ago. During a speech, the Saudi Prince spoke of innovative solutions, of sustainable future but he paid attention to more concrete issues such as tourism and food, he concluded his speech by saying: "We hope that theExpo is able to give visibility not only to large companies but also to small and medium-sized enterprises ".

Trust in the local Milanese companies Expo 2015 grows, it is estimated that half of the companies in Milan will benefit from a growth in turnover that may exceed 40 billion euros. In Milan, almost one in two companies (about 40%) will increase sales, production and turnover (find out more here). This opens up numerous possibilities for local companies butExpo 2015 it is a glimmer of light even for the most innovative companies, the so-called StartUp.

The StartUp in Italy they are spreading mainly due to the job crisis: the most creative minds don't just look for work, they invent it! Startuppers don't just do business, young entrepreneurs have always been there, a startup aims at innovation, novelty and Expo 2015 there must be room for them too. The StartUp they usually come up with simple, innovative, practical and accessible ideas. Before aiming for smarter health services and futuristic ultra-luxury transport, there is a need for accessible innovations, just like those proposed by StartUp and the globe.

Video: India-US STARTUP Konnect Expo Pitches (October 2020).