APA: it eats smog against fine dust

It is possible to purify the air from fine dust and from volatile pollutants? The problem of the many Italians who live in city traffic or near polluting industrial areas could be solved (at least in part) thanks to technological platforms designed to reduce atmospheric pollution. Plants of this type, especially if accompanied by the development of a zero-emission urban mobility, could make the air in our cities really good.

The tool in question is called APA - Atmospheric Dust Abatement - and was presented by Is TECH Innovation in Sciences & Technologies at the recent Ecomondo fair in Rimini. Already baptized car eats smog, APA is in fact an intelligent and multifunctional platform for the purification of air from fine dust and pollutants harmful to health, suitable for industrial and urban environments.

APA was born from the idea developed, starting from 2004, by some scientists and researchers of the company team, and has been the subject of study and analysis in the field since February 2011. The technological solution, in addition to being selected by Italia degli Innovatori in the 2011 edition / 12, got the CE mark and the IMQ certification (Italian Institute of Quality Mark) in July 2012.

Thanks to a technology based on integrated chemical-physical-mechanical processes, the APA platform is able to break down the atmospheric particulate matter, i heavy metals, the PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) he light hydrocarbons (methane, benzene, etc.), acting on very high air flows. The system is also equipped with a structure for continuous monitoring and control of plants and pollutants, representing a valuable tool for detecting and processing atmospheric data and environmental information.

The mechanism of operation of the APA platform is very simple. The air is sucked from a nozzle placed one meter above the ground and filtered inside the machine according to a procedure that reflects the natural cycle of rain: drops of liquid strike the fine dust and cause it to precipitate downwards, depositing them in water. At the end of the washing process, the purified air is sucked upwards and reintroduced clean into the atmosphere, without any production of special waste.

The APA platform is modular, versatile and can be split into the different stages of which it is composed, making it optimal for use in the various areas of risk and environmental remediation. The system has the peculiarity of assuming different forms and being able to be sized according to the characteristics of the places to be reclaimed, it consumes very little energy and the pollutants abated are disposed of at municipal purifiers.

Video: South Korea blanketed with toxic smog, fine dust 030519 (October 2020).