Naples Cycle Path

The official inauguration took place on Saturday 10 November and so too Naples has its own bicycle lane. The first itinerary of the Naples cycle path it goes from Bagnoli to Piazza Garibaldi but there is no shortage of more internal cyclist-proof routes.

Never seen a Naples so full of bicycles, the 20 km of bicycle lane wind through centers of public interest (Viale Kennedy, University of Engineering, Viale Augusto, Piedigrotta) and panoramic points such as Via Caracciolo, Via Partenope and Castel dell’Ovo. The presence of the bicycle lane it will certainly encourage Neapolitan citizens to move around by bike but not without effort: Naples is a city full of climbs and descents and those who expect a flat path as with the cycle paths of Florence or Bologna, make a big mistake! Gather your energy and get on the saddle, or consider buying one electric bicycle!

Naples Cycle Path, the cons
If the benefits are clear to everyone, after testing the Naples cycle path, we can identify critical points to be resolved.

The Naples cycle path is not accessible
It is true, there is the cycle path but if there are no public transport vehicles that guarantee the connection with the suburbs, the cycle path becomes an itinerary for the few. Reach the Naples Cycle Path from the suburbs fromFlegrea area it is hard: you should rely on the Sepsa service which does not guarantee coverage of all the races, plus, after endless waits, you will have to extricate yourself to transport the bicycle up and down stairs and underpasses. The situation is not very different if you rely on Naples Metro. It is not at all possible to reach the Cycle Path from Vesuvian villages because the line of the circunvesuviana does not include the transport of bicycles.
There is no adequate maintenance plan, which is essential in a fragile city like Naples: in Bagnoli, part of the cycle path is already occupied by the homeless.
The cyclist is forced to invade a petrol pump and travel through areas with high smog content and poor visibility such as the Quattro Giornate tunnel.


Naples Cycle Path and public opinion
Not all Neapolitans appreciated the setting up of the Bicycle lane. The goal of the Giunta De Magistris is to make Naples a European capital "smart"But it is a rather distant goal both because there is a lack of adequate civic education and because there is a lack of ad hoc infrastructures. There are those who did not want one Cycle trackand rather more parking areas, more safety in municipal schools and better management of public transport services which are currently in a state of appalling decay. The preparation of the bicycle lane does not rule out that the competent authorities are also mobilizing to address and resolve other issues with a view to making Naples more liveable step by step.


Naples Cycle Path, a good to live
Abandoning criticisms, the Naples cycle path it is a good to be lived in both practical and ideological terms: it is a symbol of the city's desire for growth. A great metropolis like Naples could not fail to have one bicycle lane, now it's up to citizens to enhance it.

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