From November, green stamp on tires

You can contribute to the environmental protection through a more appropriate use of the car. A sustainable driving it can be accompanied by a type of tire more green. In this perspective, legislation has been approved that imposes on producers and tire dealers to expose on the product a'label on which all information regarding the technical data will be reported. It is a real one green dot, a new system that will help consumers to orient yourself in the purchase of tires more eco-sustainable.

The green dot, already in force since 1 November, commits tire manufacturers and importers to certify all types of tires produced after 1 July 2012 with technical promotional stickers, labels and leaflets. Consequently, distributors will be required to make the information material for consumers available and visible in the points of sale. In this way the consumer will be ablechoose your tires, after having evaluated the fundamental aspects: from fuel economy to grip in the wet, and finally to road noise expressed in decibels.

In fact, there are three parameters required on the green sticker: fuel consumption, wet grip and tire noise. Each parameter will be evaluated using a scale that goes from the letter A for the so-called "green class ", i.e. the most performing and environmentally friendly ones, in the last class, the G. Class G will include all products that do not comply with modern requirements. All information must necessarily have simple and easy to interpret words.

What are the benefits?
From an environmental point of view there will be a reduction of 20/30 percent of harmful emissions of the car, now estimated at 4 million tons of CO2 every year. Big benefits also for consumers who will be able to spend up to 10 percent less by reducing the fuel consumption.

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