Ravioli with chestnut cream

The chestnut smells of autumn and recalls winter to enrich our Sunday table. Many do not know that chestnut is a versatile fruit in the kitchen and lends itself to different recipes. Not only desserts but also tasty first courses. So many ways to cook "chestnut of the woods". Here is a first course to prepare for Sunday lunch: ravioli stuffed with chestnuts, ready in just five steps.

When buying chestnuts beware of the brand:
to be awarded the IGT certification, chestnuts must grow in an area between 350 and 1,000 meters above sea level, with harvesting taking place between 15 September and 15 November.

Ravioli with chestnut cream. The ingredients

  • 400 grams of flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 500 gr of chestnuts
  • 250 gr of ricotta
  • 50 gr raisins

Ravioli with chestnut cream. Preparation

  1. Arrange the flour on a work surface, add the eggs, a pinch of salt and begin to soak the flour with the eggs, kneading with your fingertips. When the flour has completely absorbed the eggs, start working it for at least ten minutes until it becomes elastic. If it is too compact, add a little water.
  2. Form a loaf, cover with a slightly damp cloth and let it rest for an hour.
  3. In the meantime, we would have cooked the chestnuts in salted water for an hour. After cooking, drain the chestnuts and peel them while still hot. Blend the chestnuts with the mixer, together with the raisins and ricotta, for a few minutes, until we obtain a soft and homogeneous mixture.
  4. The filling is now ready. Take the dough, which has previously rested, and roll it out on a pastry board, making it into a thin rectangular sheet with the machine or with a rolling pin. Always remember to dust the work surface.
  5. Make strips 5 cm long and put a teaspoon of filling about every 5 cm and then cover with another strip of dough and cut the shape of your ravioli by closing the edges.

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