Earthquake in Emilia, there are those who oppose the solidarity fund

The solidarity fund intended for the economic and territorial rehabilitation of the earthquake-stricken areas of Emilia, Lombardy and Veneto. Some European Union countries opposed the disbursement of the fund. The solidarity fund for these earthquake areas in Northern Italy amounted to 670 million euros.

There are five governments that have opposed: Holland, Germany, Finland, Sweden and Great Britain. The news came from the EU Council of Economy and Finance: i European funds for reconstruction of the earthquake areas were blocked.

For the deputy vice president of the European Parliament, Gianni Pittella, Europe lacks a soul made of "solidarity and cohesion"But the reactions in Italy were even harsher: Lorenzo Fontana defines the fact"a betrayal of the values ​​of solidarity of the European Union ".

The earthquake has caused enormous damage, Paolo De Castro, president of the European Parliament's Agriculture and Rural Development Commission, is hoping for better news. After all, the one implemented during the EU Economy and Finance Council is just a block and according to the facts, it seems to be dictated by budgetary issues: the five countries are not opposed to supporting Italy but only to the payment through the funds of the 2012 budget. Great Britain, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and Germany have opposed two adjustments for the EU budget.

In any case, Italy aimed to shorten the timing, the damage caused by the earthquake they are devastating and we must take action as soon as possible, the blockade caused by these countries does nothing but slow down the rehabilitation of earthquake areas and the rebirth of the Italian economy. The hardest blow, probably, will be suffered by the agricultural sector.

Among the most extreme reactions we see that of mara Bizzotto, as we read in a news article from EP24: «If the blocking of funds due to these 5 countries should be confirmed, I assure you that I will implement every possible form of obstruction and slowdown in the European Parliament on any provision that will assign money to these countries. And I hope that all Italian MEPs do the same ”.

Francesca Balzani, European Parliament rapporteur for the 2012 corrective budget and David Sassoli, in a joint note clarify that «What happened today is very serious. The European solidarity fund for natural disasters it is not part of the EU budget and therefore money must be given without ifs or buts. For this reason, as a European Parliament, in compliance with the prerogatives conferred by the Lisbon Treaty, we will not discuss the 2013 budget until the Council gives the green light to the funds for the earthquake ».

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