Ideas for packaging: decorations from coffee pods

The reuse it is the very essence of green, whatever you talk about. From raw materials to objects, almost everything can be recovered and transformed, so as to limit consumption (of resources) and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills or incinerators. That's why it's a nice idea (a green idea) to transform the boxes of coffee pods into decorations and design objects. And in nice ideas for original Christmas gifts.

The idea is of Moak coffee, who taking advantage of the fair Ecomonbdo in Rimini presented on the market paper ball, environmentally friendly packaging and sustainable design. Paper ball means new life for a box which, beyond its primary function of containing and protecting the coffee pods, will be transformed into spheres to decorate (the paper ball), furnish or collect.

The project was born from the initiative Together for sustainable packaging, promoted by Moak coffee last April, which saw the involvement of the students of the packaging course ofAcademy of Fine Arts of Palermo. After a careful selection, Moak awarded the project paper ball, from Palermo Ornella Cillari, which will thus be able to see what could have remained only a school task for her created and marketed.

“The project - he explains Annalisa Spadola, Marketing Director of Caffè Moak - has a value that goes beyond the function of the box. The eco-sustainable line, which we have called ecoforms, stimulates the user's creativity, be it a child or an adult, through the simple game of composition and construction of the spheres, as well as conveying important themes such as sustainability, reuse and respect. for the environment. A value that also spreads in the social field: in fact, we wanted to entrust young students with an industrial design project, to bring them closer to what is the world of work and business. Often, in fact, a project can be aesthetically beautiful, but not very salable or difficult to produce. The capacity that emerged in many of them shows how young people need to be stimulated and involved. The result, we assure you, will be surprising ”.

With Moak paper ball, all are involved in interacting through simple actions: manipulating, cutting out, assembling, fitting and composing the elements that from two-dimensional are transformed into small three-dimensional objects, cardboard spheres to be placed or suspended on a wire; with the arrival of Christmas they can become original decorations or simple objects to embellish the bedroom or brighten up a party. Everyone has the freedom to express their creativity.

For the little ones, involvement will develop their dexterity, thanks to the interlocking game, and their ability in the art of coloring and decorating. From each box you can get a sphere and each of them is made by composing together the twelve shapes that are obtained directly from the punched box. The race to collect the paper ball it has already begun.

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