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Atrium, the greenest shopping mall on the globe

There sustainability has also arrived in shopping centers where eco-friendly solutions have been adopted for some years, such as the installation of photovoltaic panels for the supply of clean energy. Sustainability does not come only from the sun, as demonstrated by the greenest shopping mall in the world, near Villach, Austria. The futurist-style architectural complex is made with entirely environmentally friendly material and covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 40 thousand square meters. The whole business park it cost one hundred million euros.

The building, which integrates perfectly with the surrounding landscape, uses a geothermal energy system based on the exploitation of the 652 bored piles that support the foundations of the structure. The heat is collected from the ground and accumulated, to be exploited throughout the year. The heat is collected from the ground and accumulated, to be exploited throughout the year: in winter it is transformed into heating thanks toheat pumps, in the warmer months, on the other hand, thanks to specific systems, it guarantees fresher air.

L'power coming right from the earth saves about 500 tons of carbon dioxide per year which correspond to three million kilometers traveled by cars in the space of a year. Without sacrificing efficiency and comfort, the geothermal system that feeds the shopping center manages to cover almost half of its own energy requirements as well as, of course, actively contributing to the protection of the environment on a daily basis.


Atrium, the name of theeco-sustainable building, has already been awarded with nine international awards including the prestigious "Energy Globe Award" and the "Trigos Award for Ecology". These awards not only reward the exploitation of renewables. Atrio has also obtained several awards thanks to green solutions such as the use of totally materials eco-friendly, used to create, thanks to its 40 thousand square meters, the largest shopping center in the region.

Video: The Sustainable City (October 2020).