Wind power

Catching Power, the silent wind turbine without blades

Wind has played an important role in the history of human civilization. As early as 5,000 years ago, the Egyptians used the wind to use sailboats to cross the Nile. In the modern era, the wind represents one sustainable source for energy production. The wind energy sector it is enjoying ever more important successes. In ten years, a production of 100 Gw of wind energy in Europe. This is a surprising result given that in 2000, in fact, it barely reached 13 Gw.

To make thewind power a renewable source increasingly growing in the international market are the creation of plants that are increasingly attentive to environmental and birdlife issues. The wind farms have always been at the center of debates by animal rights activists and environmentalists as such structures can be a threat to many birds, including sparrows, pigeons and swallows. Nor should the problem ofnoise pollution.

In this perspective Raymond Green designed, at the ripe old age of 89, a new model of bladeless wind turbine, theCatching Wind Power (CWP). Thanks to its innovative design, it will be able to produce clean energy from the wind and at the same time protect the life of birds.

ThereCatching Wind Power it is represented by a large cone positioned in place of the normal blades through which the air can be conveyed. Through this innovative system (Cone Technology) patented by Raymond Green, a strong compression will be created at the input, such as to bring more power to the turbine motion.

The use of a protection cone, where the blades are mounted inside, will prevent birds from coming into contact with turbine rotors. Another very interesting aspect is the almost total absence of noise of the wind turbine in rotation, thanks to those protection cones which not only act as protection for the life of birds, but also have the function of real system silencers.

Video: Bladeless wind Energy. Blades क बन हव स Electricity बनएग? (October 2020).