Renewables: Lombardy produces, Sicily and Marche consume

To reach the European 2020 targets on the subject of renewable energies it will be up to Lombardy to drive production and to Sicily and Marche consumption. In Italy in 2011 the renewables represented the third sector of energy supply (after oil and gas) with over 13% of total gross consumption also recording the greatest increase among all sources, + 7%.

The greatest growth is of photovoltaic increased by more than five and a half times compared to 2010 and with 9.3 GW installed in 2011 it made Italy is the first market in the world of photovoltaics. Italy is also the third country of the EU for employed in renewables (after Germany and France) with 108,150 employees.

The above data are contained in the Report Green Economy to overcome the two crises made by Foundation for Sustainable Development in collaboration with theAeneas and presented on 7 November 2012 on the occasion of States General of the Green Economy (in the suit of Ecomondo-Key Energy in Rimini). The report reviews the 6 strategic sectors for an ecological conversion of the economy, including renewable sources.

To achieve the European targets for 2020, a burden sharing among the Italian regions: the region that will have to generate the most renewable energy is Lombardy with 2,905 ktoe, followed by Piedmont and Tuscany. If, on the other hand, an analysis of the consumption of renewables is carried out, the regions from which the greatest consumption is expected are Marche and Sicily.

The energy sector is responsible for about two thirds of the world greenhouse gas emissions. Against a goal of reducing world emissions equal to a halving compared to 1990, in the last twenty years they have grown by over 40%. The fight to climate change, whose potentially catastrophic effects are already evident today, probably represents the main challenge of our time. Renewable sources are one of the main tools to face and overcome this challenge as well as to reduce the dependence on energy imports.

In light of this, the proposals made in the context of the States General of the Green Economy on the subject of renewable energy sources They are the following: 1. Launch a national energy strategy and monitor its implementation; 2. Simplify procedures and reduce bureaucratic costs for the construction of renewable energy plants; 3. Supporting investments in order to progressively overcome the incentive system; 4. Strengthen and extend the Research Fund and also involve businesses; launch a national energy network adaptation program; 5. Provide measures in favor of distributed generation; 6. Define a medium-long term roadmap for the development of technologies for renewable sources; 7. Promote specific action to support the development of thermal renewables; 8. Prepare a national strategy for the relaunch of the biomass supply chain; 9. Redefine the role of the thermoelectric sector in a system with a strong penetration of renewables.

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