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Basilicata, the Community of Energy

There Basilicata it is moving very well! After the urban gardens of Potenza, a series of initiatives are coming to life from the project Futurenergy, Save, Walk, Pedal and Respect. The project is promoted by the Province of Potenza and has the support of Legambiente Basilicata Onlus. The activities related to the project promoted by the Province of Potenza are many, it seems that the whole of Basilicata is moving well to embrace a more sustainable.

A tangible example of the right direction taken by the Region is the meeting on Monday 12 November where solutions to the problem of discontinuity of electricity production from renewables. In this panorama appear the so-called Smart Grid, Monday's meeting will not be a mere food for thought but also an opportunity to see how the "green practices"Can bring benefits to an entire region. Monday they will bring "at the table" concrete examples based on reality of the Basilicata Region.

During 2011, new ones were installed photovoltaic systems for almost 9,000 MW which bring the total power to the national level for this renewable source to approximately 13,000 MW plus 7,000 MW of wind origin.

The production of clean energy requires an ad hoc structure for the management of electricity networks. We talk about Smart Grid and at the level of macrosystems, the microgrids they represent the first and most immediate answer.

"The microgrids they reduce the need for energy transport with consequent lower transmission losses and reduction of costly and often hindered grid development interventions. In addition, they ensure a sustainable electricity supply and cheap. The possibility of one local management of energy needs it induces virtuous behavior on the demand side with immediate repercussions in terms of reduction of the cost of the service, in full harmony with the guidelines at EU and national level regarding Smart Cities and Smart Communities.

The energy development represents a good opportunity for the economic growth of Basilicata, the territory can and must have an active role in planning and energy management. The Monday appointment will be the first step towards smart Grid. The meeting will take place in Potenza, from 16:30 to 20:00, at the Council Chamber of the Province. The initiative is promoted by Legambiente Basilicata Onlus and DEMEPA Community of Energy.

Video: Community Energy through Project SCENe from research to reality (October 2020).